Training in China


Training by Gary Yung:

Jolly Phonics Training Course

Date: February 11th-12th, 2019
Time: 9:30am – 5:30pm
Venue: Liangzhu Cultural Village, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

First day basic course covers:

  • How to prepare children before learning phonics;
  • Why phonics and not IPA;
  • Synthetic vs Analytical phonics;
  • What Jolly Phonics teaches;
  • How to conduct a Jolly Phonics class;
  • Teaching techniques, games, activities in Jolly Phonics;
  • How to assess children’s progress

Second-day workshop shall be practical training conducting lessons with presentation, games and activities. Teachers shall make their own lesson plans and progress projection according to their students’ needs.

For further information and registrations: please contact Gary Yung by email:


Jolly Phonics Training Workshop Offerings – Mainland China

Training with Go-Go English by David Calia:

Available training options:

  • Half day – introductory workshop/presentation for parents and schools
  • 1 Full day – Jolly Phonics Training Workshop or Jolly Grammar Workshop (of half day of each)
  • 2 day seminar – Full day of each Jolly Phonics and Grammar
  • Invite a trainer – have a Jolly Phonics workshop at your school anywhere in Mainland China
  • Hosting school – provide a computer and digital projector, a whiteboard or chalkboard (required), provide printed copies to be distributed in training
  • Free resources – teacher guides, lesson guide, program ppt’s and PDF, free worksheets, sound cubes, pens, bags, art activities, product catalogue
  • Plan an event – discuss details of training plans, dates, locations, and travel arrangements with the trainer directly

Travel considerations – inviting organisation is responsible for travel and accommodation costs, travel charges an additional fee for extended travel arrangements for over one day travel.

Contact Go-Go English:
Wechat: networkenglish
Phone: 185 2060 3019

A Jolly Phonics teacher training workshop will include:

  • Synthetic Phonics
  • Five skills of literacy
  • Model lesson and lesson planning
  • Timeline for teaching
  • Preview of key Jolly Phonics resources
  • Question and answer time
  • Other training points you require

This workshop is for schools implementing the program school wide, English teachers who want to improve their teaching capability and efficiency, as well as school administrators, and parents.

Contact Go-Go English:
Wechat: networkenglish
Phone: 185 2060 3019