Training in Japan

To everyone interested in joining our team of official Jolly Phonics Trainers:
Please note that we *do not* provide any training sessions that certify you as a trainer. One training session is not sufficient to become a trainer.
Any certificate given to you at any Jolly Phonics training session is a Certificate of Participation or Attendance to show that you have undertaken training; not certification to become an official Jolly Phonics Trainer.

All of our Jolly Trainers are passionate educators with years of experience in the classroom teaching the Jolly Phonics programme. They have all undergone a comprehensive application process. We require them to display evidence of this experience, as well as proving their knowledge of the programme and how to teach it successfully.
We are delighted that there are so many of you that are passionate about the programme, and we hope you continue to further your knowledge of and experiences using Jolly Phonics. There is nothing to prevent you from using Jolly Phonics (though we do encourage training to ensure you are secure in your knowledge and make the best of the programme). However, please be aware that becoming a trainer is not something that can be done overnight by undertaking one training session.



Training with Makiko Takahashi:

Explanatory Seminar of  Jolly Phonics Pupil Book 1

Date: August 20th 2020 / August 27th 2020 / September 3rd 2020
Time: 21:00 – 22:00
Venue: Online via Zoom
Price: Free

This explanatory seminar is to learn the basic teaching method of 42 sounds in Pupil/Student Book 1.  The course contains ten lessons from September 17 to January 21. Training will be taught in Japanese.

Contact for more information, or view the flyer here.





Training with Yamatalk English by David Watkins:

Jolly Phonics Training 1

Date: December 19th 2020
Time: 13:30 – 17:00
Venue: Yamatalk English, Higashiyamato City, Tokyo

Training will be taught in English, but Japanese staff will be present.

The aim of this training is to give attendees a clear overview of the early stages of the Jolly Phonics program, as well as how to plan and teach simple lessons for students studying Jolly Phonics Pupil/Student Book 1 content.

Contact: (Inquiries in English or Japanese welcome).

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Can’t find the right training for you? Then why not contact any of our trainers across Japan, using the contact details you can find here! Our Trainers will be more than happy to discuss training options with you to suit your needs – so contact them today!