Teach music skills with Jolly Music

Jolly Music is a five-year program aimed at children from age 4. When complete, it will extend up to age 11. Through a repertoire of playground rhymes and songs, children learn to identify musical elements such as pulse, rhythm, pitch, loudness and speed. This learning is reinforced through physical actions, creative activities and musical games.

The early years are heavily focused on hearing and identifying musical elements, and as time goes on children learn to perform music and even write their own simple rhythms. The lessons are structured to build key musical skills like listening, singing in tune, developing inner hearing, and ultimately reading and writing music. These skills are reinforced throughout the entire programme. After the first two years, the children begin to learn the solfa names and their accompanying handsigns; these are syllables that represent musical pitches (as in the song ‘Do-Re-Mi’ from The Sound of Music!). At this point they can combine solfa with simple rhythm notation, enabling them to read and write music. The children continue to learn solfa names and more complex rhythm notation each year.

You can view a short video (in Arabic) highlighting musicianship through singing below:

music image