Cartoonito Activity Sheets

Phonics_download_GBased on Jolly Phonics, Cartoonito activity sheets are a perfect resource to help support children while they are learning to read and write. Each sheet provides activities for letter sound learning, letter formation, blending and segmenting. Split into 7 groups, the worksheets contain all 42 letter sounds taught in Jolly Phonics.

To download FREE phonics activity sheets, click on the following:

Group 1 Activity Sheets: s,a,t,i,p,n 

Group 2 Activity Sheets: ck,e,h,r,m,d

Group 3 Activity Sheets: g,o,u,l,f,b

Group 4 Activity Sheets: ai,j,oa,ie,ee,or

Group 5 Activity Sheets: z,w,ng,v,oo,oo

Group 6 Activity Sheets: y,x,ch,sh,th,th

Group 7 Activity Sheets: qu,ou,oi,ue,er,ar