Letter Sound Kaleidocycles

We have created a selection of Kaleidocycles, that you can print off to use in your class!

Kaleidocycles are made out of paper or card and display four different images as you cycle through each one. We’ve used these ideas to create some which can help children with blending; cycling through three different letter sounds, with the picture for the word that has been spelt shown on the fourth cycle. It’s a fun way to practice, and can be an exciting – albeit, admittedly tricky for very young children – activity to make in class.

You can download any of our kaleidocycles by clicking the links below, or alternatively head over to www.foldplay.com to create your own: just upload your four images and away you go! The video at the bottom of this page gives guidance for how to make your kaleidocycle, or you can go straight to our YouTube channel here.

Book kaleidocycle
Cat kaleidocycle
Chick kaleidocycle
Dog kaleidocycle
Elf kaleidocycle
Fox kaleidocycle
Goat kaleidocycle
Jam kaleidocycle
Ring kaleidocycle
Tree kaleidocycle