New Jolly Phonics Handbook Flyer

We are delighted to introduce you to our brand new editions of our Jolly Phonics Handbook!

The Jolly Phonics Handbook is a complete resource for teaching young children the skills they need to read and write fluently in their first year
of school. This book is a comprehensive resource for teachers who want the flexibility of teaching the programme with worksheets and other photocopiable resources in the classroom. It offers step-by-step guidance on all aspects of the teaching across the year, as well as a wealth of practical ideas and fun activities for the children. It contains:

• A year’s worth of detailed daily lesson plans and notes to introduce the 42 letter sounds, with fun actions and stories.

• Regular activities promoting the five key skills for reading and writing.

• Weekly units covering key topics such as Alternatives, Handwriting, Tricky Words, Words and Sentences, Capital Letters and the Alphabet.

• Guided writing and reading comprehension activities.

• Detailed timetables outlining the scope and sequence of the programme alongside comprehensive teaching guidance.

This new edition follows the same format and pagination as before, but has been enhanced with a modern design and updated illustrations, as well several new worksheets and additional new content, ensuring it fully aligns with other Jolly Phonics resources.

British English, precursive letters          ISBN: 978 1 844148 42 4          JL Code: JL8424        View in UK Shop!

British English, print letters          ISBN: 978 1 844148 43 1          JL Code: JL8431        View in UK Shop!

American English, print letters          ISBN: 978 1 844148 44 8          JL Code: JL8448      View in US Shop!

This informational flyer shares more information about the Jolly Phonics Handbook and what it looks like inside.

Download the Jolly Phonics Handbook flyer (British English) here.

Download the Jolly Phonics Handbook flyer (American English) here.