Jolly Phonics Letter Sounds App


During these difficult times, we want to help you support your children’s learning at home, which is why we are offering up to 60% discounts across all of our Jolly Phonics Apps. Containing a selection of games, songs, tests and lesson plans, these apps are packed with content to help support your child’s phonics journey.

In the Jolly Phonics Letter Sounds App, join Bee and her friends as they explore the enchanting letter sounds garden and discover the main 42 letter sounds of English through a series of captivating games. This beautifully animated app enables children to:

  • Hear the letter sounds
  • Recognise the letter sounds
  • See letter formation
  • Write the letters themselves 
  • Blend sounds in words for reading
  • Identify sounds in words for spelling (segmenting)

Key Features:

  • Suitable for children aged 3+
  • Choice of American or British English audio and spelling 
  • Choice of print or precursive letters
  • Allows multiple and personalised profiles
  • Activities for learning the main sounds in English
  • 7 bonus games to unlock
  • Tested and loved by children
  • Guidance for adults provided
  • Price £4.99 (GBP)


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