Jolly Phonics Classroom Kit


The Jolly Phonics Classroom Kit contains a comprehensive set of classroom resources for teachers to use with their class.

It provides resources for teaching children to read and write from learning the letter sounds to alternative spellings and tricky words and also includes decodable reading books. All the items are contained in a bright case for neat and easy storage.

Items contained in the kit:

  • Jolly Phonics Handbook, Jolly Phonics Word Book and Jolly Phonics Word Bank
  • Jolly Phonics DVD and Jolly Songs (Book and CD)
  • Finger Phonics Big Books 1-7 and Finger Phonics Books 1-7
  • Jolly Phonics Letter Sound Strips and Jolly Phonics Cards
  • Jolly Phonics Alternative Spelling and Alphabet Posters, Jolly Phonics Tricky Word Wall Flowers and Jolly Phonics Wall Frieze
  • Jolly Phonics Puppets and Jolly Phonics Tricky Word Hat
  • Read & See Pack 1 (all 12 titles) and Read & See Pack 2 (all 12 titles)
  • Little Word Books (14 titles)
  • Jolly Readers Level 0 Complete Set (all 21 titles), Jolly Readers Level 1 Complete Set (all 18 titles), Jolly Readers Level 2 Complete Set (all 18 titles), Jolly Readers Level 3 Complete Set (all 18 titles) and Jolly Readers Level 4 Complete Set (all 18 titles)

Plus FREE PowerPoint presentation CD and 30 guides

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