Diane and Kevin Reilly

Nakhon Si Thammarat
Diane has been teaching English in Bangkok for over thirty years to a cross-section of infant and primary students, before temporarily relocating to England with her husband Kevin. He has also been involved with children’s education for over thirty years so they make a well-balanced team.

Diane was introduced to Jolly Phonics by Kevin and adopted the same whilst in the UK teaching, which benefited her greatly. On their permanent return to Thailand, where they started their own private school, Jolly Phonics was their method and programme of teaching offered to the students and parents. It has been proven to be a great success! The school has been prospering well for six years; in fact, going from strength to strength from using Jolly Phonics. They are now currently teaching adults individually the Jolly Phonics way, for their children’s benefit and for those who wish to travel.

Doctor Martin Kozloff, Distinguished Professor of Education: If a child memorizes ten words, this means a child can read ten words. If a child learns of ten letters that child will be able to read 21,650 words.

That is the power of phonics; spelling enabling and quicker reading ability. Diane and Kevin combines the correct punctuation of the words along with an understanding of what has been read. Comprehension is vital for the reader to appreciate the beauty of the English language.

Diane and Kevin consider it best to make verbal contact with anyone interested in learning or improving their English for their own benefit, to teach others or to teach their children. They can tell you more about what they can offer to benefit you. Jolly Phonics is the launching pad for the future!

+66(0)97 360 5566.
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