Philippa Cole

Philippa Jane Cole qualified from the University of Hull (UK) with BA Honours in Spanish Studies and also possesses a DELE proficiency C2 native level of Spanish, credited by the Instituto de Cervantes. She is an expert in Managing Language Learning and Teaching as accredited from the University of Hull and completes her qualifications with a Masters in Teaching for Secondary Compulsory Education at the University of Almería (Spain), with an end of Master’s thesis on bilingualism in Spain since the 2005 Bilingual Education Reform which was published in 2010.

British, with Spanish residency since 2001, Philippa has been immersed in the area of bilingualism as an ESL.EF epxert for over 15 years. Currently working as a foreign language specialist and Head of Primary at the Montessori School Almería, southern Spain, she successfully implemented Jolly Phonics in the Early Years Foundation programme over 9 years ago.

Working in collaboration with the University of Cambridge (UK) since 2004 as an oral examiner for Cambridge Assessment English, Philippa progressed to become the Team Leader of Speaking Examiners working for Platimum Examination Centre Exams Andalucia, as well as being a Writing Examiner (WE). Her role involves interviewing, recruiting and monitoring new examiners as well as coordinating a team of 36.

Philippa has been working in conjunction with the local government on the implantation of Jolly Phonics in state-run nursery schools for the last 6 years with huge success¹ and has carried out many training sessions in recognised Language Schools². She has also delivered overseas training and taken part in international conferences; namely in Azerbaijan where she worked closely with national government on bilingual education schemes³. She has recently taken part in the IV International Congress for Bilingual Education as an invited workshop leader and ACEIA Almería (International Schools Congress) to speak about Jolly Phonics.


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To find Philippa on Twitter: @misselocjp
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