Jolly Phonics and improved PIRLS scores

The 2021 Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) results have shed light on the remarkable impact of Jolly Phonics in countries like Singapore, Ireland, and England, in enhancing literacy skills among young learners.

Jolly Phonics has proven to be highly effective in improving phonemic awareness, decoding skills, and overall literacy levels. The top countries are avid users of Jolly Phonics, not only for the materials, but also for training, both in person and online training. In a world where a child’s future opportunities depend increasingly on knowing English, we are the most popular choice to enable that.

PIRLS is recognised as the global standard for assessing trends in reading achievement internationally for children aged 9-10. Jolly Phonics uses a unique, multi-sensory approach, equipping teachers with a comprehensive toolset to teach reading and writing. At the forefront of transforming literary education globally, Jolly Phonics has been adopted as government policy by many countries.

Countries that have integrated Jolly Phonics into their elementary education curriculum have seen notable improvements in their PIRLS scores. The systematic and structured approach of Jolly Phonics has proven to be instrumental in enhancing phonemic awareness, decoding skills, and overall literacy levels among students.