Jolly Phonics resources for school and home.

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  • These handbooks are a complete resource for teaching Jolly Phonics to your class. Includes detailed daily lesson plans and over 100 photocopiable worksheets. The Word books contain a comprehensive selection of words for children to practice.

    The Phonics Handbooks
  • Pupil books packed with daily Jolly Phonics lessons for your children to complete. These are accompanied with the Teacher’s Books that provides you with lesson plans and guidance. Can be used as an alternative to The Phonics Handbook.

    Jolly Phonics Pupil & Teacher’s Books
  • Get your children reading early and fluently with this collection of over 100 exciting decodable reading books. Includes beginners reading books and a further 5 levels of readers in 3 lively series.

    Decodable Readers
  • Get your children reading early and fluently with this collection of over 100 exciting decodable reading books. Includes beginners reading books and a further 4 levels of readers in 3 lively series. E-readers available for Apple and Google devices!

    Decodable E-Readers
  • Join the interactive world of Inky Mouse and friends and deliver daily Jolly Phonics lessons to your class through an interactive whiteboard.

    Phonics Software
  • The Bumper Book of Phonics Fun is a bumper resource packed full of ideas and activities designed to support the teaching of letter sounds in a fun, multi sensory way.

    Bumper Book of Phonics Fun
  • Jolly Plays are designed to help children become fluent and confident readers, with well-developed speaking and listening skills. As with Jolly Phonics, the teaching in Jolly Plays is multisensory, active and fun.

    Jolly Plays
  • Let your children discover the 42 letter sounds in these seven board books. Cutout letters on each page show children’s fingers the correct formation for every letter. Extra activities are included at the end of each book.

    Finger Phonics Books
  • Introduce the 42 letter sounds to your class using this set of 7 large format books. Comes with a wipe-clean sheet that can be used to complete activities with your class.

    Finger Phonics Big Books
  • An enjoyable way for your children to build on the skills they have learned, with these 7 fun-filled books. Each workbook provides a range of activities that develops their phonic skills, including writing. Also included in each book is a checklist to assess their progress.

    Jolly Phonics Workbooks
  • Your children will enjoy sing-along with the popular Jolly Songs or Jolly Jingles. Letter sounds, actions and catchy tunes come together in these books which audio CDs.

  • Let your children discover the letter sounds with a choice of two enchanting DVDs. The Jolly Phonics DVD follows Inky Mouse and her friends through a series of stories. The Sounds Like Fun DVD introduces all the letter sounds in short episodes.

  • Get your children to create colourful displays of the letter sounds, tricky words and alternative vowel spellings taught in Jolly Phonics.

  • Create your own additional Jolly Phonics classroom resources using this comprehensive compilation of materials including Jolly Phonics action pictures, templates for different activities, reward stickers and certificates.

    Resources CD
  • Use with your children to reinforce the letter sounds, alternative vowel spellings, regular words and tricky words taught in Jolly Phonics. Choose from picture flash cards, a boxed set of four or handy letter sound strips.

  • Bring the letter sounds and actions to life in your class with these full-size hand puppets of the Inky, Bee and Snake.

  • A tub of 106 magnetic letters allows your children to blend letter sounds to make new words and also to identify sounds for spelling.

    Magnetic Letters
  • A pack of child-friendly materials that you can use to assess your children’s decoding and comprehension knowledge in a one-to-one setting.

    Reading Assessment
  • A selection of class kits provide everything you need to teach Jolly Phonics to your class. Each kit includes resources that enable you to teach the skills for reading and writing.

    Class Kits
  • Discover our range of our interactive educational apps, now available on the App Store for both iPad and iPhone and Google Play for Android.

    Jolly Apps
  • A comprehensive kit of multi-sensory resources, including a TalkingPEN, for helping your children who need extra help to read and write.

    Jolly Phonics Extra