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Our Professional Trainers are highly experienced teachers who have taught with the programme in a classroom setting for many years. They have achieved excellent results with the programme and are keen to deliver effective synthetic phonics training in order to help others do the same. We have both Jolly Phonics Professional Trainers and Jolly Music Professional Trainers.

What services do they provide?

They run workshops, presentations for teachers/district management, parents, whole-school training or institutionalised training (LEA, School Board, MoE) and refresher or follow-up training via Skype.

What are their aims?

There is a shared support among authors, publisher and trainers for this kind of teaching and comprehensive synthetic phonics training. The driving motivation and common goal is seeing children achieve.

Do they work for Jolly Learning?

The Trainers work closely with Jolly Learning and are accredited by us, but are all independent of the company. All fees and expenses are negotiated and paid to the Trainer directly. We respect and support this independence as it ensures effective and unbiased synthetic phonics training with the children’s and teachers’ needs at the centre.

For details of our online courses click here and for training courses around the world click here. For details of our Jolly Music Trainers, please click here.

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