Grammar, Spelling & Punctuation resources.

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  • These handbooks are a complete resource for teaching grammar, including punctuation and spelling concepts to your class. Each handbook provides a year’s worth of structured weekly lessons for children aged 5-11 and includes detailed lesson plans, photocopiable sheets and activity ideas.

    The Grammar Handbooks
  • Grammar Student books packed with weekly grammar/punctuation and spelling lessons for your children aged 5-10 to complete. These are accompanied with the Teacher’s Books that provides you with lesson plans and guidance. Can be used as an alternative to The Grammar Handbooks.

    Grammar Student & Teacher’s Books
  • Five exciting grammar islands for your children to explore and conquer with 15 interactive games to play that reinforce key grammar, spelling and punctuation concepts.

    Grammar Software
  • An enjoyable way for your children to build on the skills they have learned in their year first with Jolly Phonics. Each of the 6 workbooks provides a range of activities that develops their phonic skills, including writing. Also included in each book is a checklist to assess their progress.

    Grammar Workbooks
  • Ideal accompaniments to the Grammar 1& 2 Handbooks or Student books and for introducing grammar elements to your class. Comes with a wipe-clean sheet that can be used to complete activities with your class.

    Grammar Big Books
  • Your children will enjoy singing this collection of fun Grammar songs as they learn key grammar, spelling and punctuation concepts.

  • The award-winning Jolly Dictionary has been designed to teach your children how to look up and understand words they don’t know. Divided into four colored sections to help your children to find their way through the dictionary easily.

  • A set of 10 blends wheels that will help develop your children's awareness of initial and final consent blends. Ideal classroom activity and reinforces the grammar teaching.

    Blends Wheels