Jolly Songs App

The Jolly Songs App is an interactive app that has been developed to support children as they learn the 42 letter sounds and includes all of the actions to the sounds. Children will enjoy learning their letter sounds by singing along to the catchy tunes and doing the actions. Being able to identify the letter sounds in words will help them with both their reading and writing.

This app will entertain the whole family or school classroom.

  • Suitable for children aged 3+
  • Easily switch between British or American English and Precursive or Print letter fonts
  • Highlighter option to track each word as it is sung, helping the child to read 
  • Includes the vowels song
  • Easy to use navigation to locate the song you want to play
  • Includes an index of all the songs
  • Brand new autoplay function
  • Offered as a Universal Purchase on iOS devices. This means that the app can be downloaded on an iPad, iPhone or Mac.

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