Webinar: Jolly English

The Jolly English programme helps teachers deliver a 2-year English course to give preschool children the best possible start in their English literacy journey. The course comes in two levels with each providing 44 lessons. Watch the webinar recording and Q&A session to find out more!

About the Speakers

Yvonne Dalorto, a former Head Teacher and Phonics Coordinator in Spain, brings extensive expertise in Jolly Phonics and Grammar. With over two decades of international experience, Yvonne offers tailored teacher training to support curriculum alignment and diverse educational methodologies.

Meliha Chausheva is a highly experienced kindergarten teacher who has taught in English kindergartens, focusing on Reception classes. Her passion for creating engaging learning experiences led her to embrace Jolly Phonics as a tool to unlock children’s full potential and boost their self-confidence. Meliha finds Jolly Phonics particularly rewarding because of its tangible results, visible shortly after implementation. She is eager to share her expertise with fellow teachers across Bulgaria and the Balkans.