Yvonne Dalorto

Yvonne Dalorto

Yvonne is a former Head Teacher and Phonics Coordinator at a British School in Jerez, Spain (South). Yvonne qualified as a teacher in the UK, where she first started using Jolly Phonics in 1998 as part of the SEN provision before it was integrated into the ‘whole school’ approach.

She has been implementing Jolly Phonics and Grammar in bilingual schools in Spain since 2004 alongside teaching roles. Additionally she has travelled extensively providing teacher training internationally, to support curriculum alignment using Jolly Phonics and Grammar and exploring the diversity of the programme to use with different methodologies schools/educational facilities use, creative writing, reading extension activities, SEN support and using the range of resources to support the range of exams for the B1 – B2 exams and CLIL.

Yvonne has also worked with charitable trusts/organisations providing training and advice for projects as well as government incentives such as the Bilingual Project in Spain, BEDA, Junta de Andalucia, the Official School of Languages (Spain) and outreach projects in India and Asia.

Both training online and ‘face to face’ options are available, with workshops or training sessions curated to meet the needs of the teachers/educational facilities.

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