Andrea Coates

England (Wirral)
Andrea has taught Reception class using the Jolly Phonics scheme for many years which has enabled her to accumulate a wealth of experience. She sees Jolly Phonics as an invaluable tool, means and introduction to reading and writing in a positive and exciting way and which enhances the wonder of learning for many children. With each new cohort, Andrea has repeatedly witnessed the same enthusiasm as children participate and engage in a fun, multi-sensory approach to learning. Having previously been a Reception teacher, Head of Lower School, Governor and Director, Andrea is currently dedicated to delivering Jolly Phonics training internationally. Andrea strives to encourage teachers to become passionate in implementing the Jolly Phonics methodology in a practical and successful way within the class setting. Andrea has been delighted with the success stories from many teachers and Principles, and has had the privilege of delivering training in Nigeria, Nepal, China, Sweden and the UK.

07906 342144
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