Angela Iu

Angela has been teaching English as a Second Language for over 30 years, and teaching children aged 3-14 with Jolly Phonics & Grammar and Jolly Music. She believes that good teachers teach well, but better teachers motivate students to self motivate themselves to learn!

By using the songs from Jolly Phonics and Jolly Music, Angela creates a fun environment for the students. By structuring the classroom so students know what is expected of them, Angela creates disciplined and motivated students.

She is currently holding workshops for both teachers and parents with Jolly Knowledge Association in Hong Kong, helping to implement Jolly Phonics and Jolly Music, and develop teachers’ skills. She is eager to help other teachers to learn the joys that teaching with Jolly Series can bring as well as ensuring that, once learnt, those skills are used for their further English Language education.

852 9103 0011
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