Danielle Zelin

Albion, Black River District
Danielle is from Mauritius and a qualified Early Childhood Educator and certified TESOL teacher. With 20+ years of a rich and fulfilling teaching career; she has experienced teaching a variety of multicultural environments with different educational roles and with varied age groups, both in Mauritius and abroad in Latvia, South Africa, the Maldives and Dubai.

Danielle discovered Jolly Phonics in 2009 and adopted the methodology since. She has used it in classroom settings, in small groups of ESL learners and on an individual basis. She is now running her own little ‘after school English sessions’ from home in Mauritius. Most of her learners are French speakers and Jolly Phonics has proven to be the perfect match for those students. Following the methodology as advised, she has seen all her students smoothly gathering their letter sounds and happily blending and segmenting words, step by step.

After all the years of working with Jolly Phonics as her primary teaching tool, she now wants to share her experiences, knowledge, methodology and useful strategies. Above all, Danielle wants to inspire and support other teachers to being Jolly Phonics to children around the world; making reading and writing English a jolly, fun and colourful process!

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