Dr. SV Gomathi

Navi Mumbai
Dr. S.V. Gomathi (PhD in Education) is currently working as Education Consultant for private and government schools. She has done pilot studies in various fields which she specialises, like; micro-finance fro Budget Private Schools, Voucher Scheme and Parental Choice, and English Language Programme. She was the first to trial Jolly Phonics in 2003 for ESL children in Hyderabad, India and found the programme helped children achieved outstanding results. This directed her to recommend Jolly Phonics to schools and parents across the country. Her vision is to empower children through quality education with a special emphasis on English, and to provide children access to good quality schools.

She has trained more than 35000 teachers in India and abroad (from 2003 to date) and was the first to trial Jolly Phonics in Delhi government schools through ARK (NGO), later a roll-out in West Khasi Hills, Meghalaya – an Education Ministry of Meghalaya initiative. Her interest to empower government schools and children studying in government schools started paving the way for the Jolly Futures Programme in India. She is one of the very active trainers in India who continues to advocate Jolly Phonics in all primary schools in the country. Her research study shows an incredible result in government schools after the implementation of Jolly Phonics. She has created an awareness in south India where now the districts and states welcome her to implement Jolly Phonics in government schools. She achieves this level of success with the confidence and support of Jolly Learning Ltd. and Mr Chris Jolly. Her recent achievements are pilot studies in selective districts of Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Karnataka, which led to the roll-outs within Tamil Nadu. She will be rolling-out Jolly Phonics in Telangana and Karnataka over the course of the next couple of years.

Dr. S.V. Gomathi believes that one can become a trainer only when they practically implement Jolly Phonics in the classroom, so she continues to teach children form 3.5 years and above. Her classes are held in Navi Mumbai. She restricts the number of children in each intake to deliver quality service and help the children to read and write independently. She also handles one-to-one sessions for children who need special attention. She travels across India providing training, mentoring, and curriculum development for pre-primary to Class 2 in both private and government schools.

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