Hema Jayant Chandra

Teaching Jolly Phonics is challenging, absorbing and invigorating. They are just trying to make sense of those squiggles.

Hema – a passionate educator (MBA) – has taught Jolly Phonics for over 15 years to elementary school children and now provides training to schools in Mumbai.Based in Ghatkopar, Hema founded & directed Word Masti Phonics & Grammar Institute, which has grown into three branches teaching 500 children annually.

Hema is closely associated with a pilot project called Program to Improve Private Preschool Education (PIPE). Through PIPE, she aims to support private schools in improving the quality of affordable pre-primary education for ages 2-6. She is working closely with FSG on this multi year program which is supported by International and Indian Philanthropic Organisations.

She has achieved a distinction with a CID in Teachers and Trainers from University of Cambridge,UK (CIE) and she is TEFL/TESOL certified. Hema also spent two years in the US studying curriculum development and she offers weekend trainings in Jolly Phonics to low-economic districts in Mumbai as well as affluent schools in Mumbai and Kashmir. Her vision is to spread Jolly Phonics in as many schools as possible and make the most fluent readers by implementing Jolly Phonics in fun , interactive and engaging ways with a gamut of Phonics and Grammar Games.

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