Irechkwu Hannah Kalu

Irechukwu is presently teaching at Indian International School and has an extensive background of primary teaching in Benin. She obtained her National Certificate in Education at the National Institute, Kaduna where she studied sociology in education. More recently, she has received a B.Ed in Educational Administrations and Planning from the International University Bamenda, Cameroon.

Irechukwu was introduced to Jolly Phonics in 2006 and began to implement this method of teaching right away. She has made a tremendous impact to her teaching career since starting to use it as her students were progressing at a quicker and less stressful rate than previously. Both parents of her students and colleagues in the school are keen to learn about Jolly Phonics in order to teach their children at home and in their classes. Jolly Phonics makes learning interesting and simple which has led to enormous and positive results for the students. Irechukwu is happy to share her experiences with others.

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