Irene Semakula Kiwanuka

Diplomat Zone Kampala
Irene is a KS1 teacher at Ambrosoli International School in Kampala, a school following a curriculum based on a combination of the National curriculum of England and the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). She also has previous international teaching experience in Rwanda in a school that follows the IB program alongside Montessori teaching experience too. She graduated with a BA(Arts) degree in English Language Studies and Linguistics), a Montessori Nursery teaching Diploma in 2004, and a PGCE with the University of South Queensland in Australia, and is currently pursuing her Master’s degree (Innovation to teaching and learning) with the University of South Wales.

Irene has been teaching with Jolly Phonics for 22 years, and Jolly Grammar for 6 years. She is really impressed with how well and quickly the children learn to read with confidence and how their love for reading and writing in English continues to improve. They enjoy reading and are proud of themselves in doing so; a pride shared by Irene as she sees amazing results.

She wants to help teachers and parents all across Africa share in the success of the programme.

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