Jennie Smith-Brock

Jennie Smith-Brock, owner of Smith-Brock Phonics Consulting, has run Jolly Phonics and Grammar workshops, including webinars, for teachers and administrators in dozens of school districts in Northern New England.  

General education, Intervention, ELL, and SpEd teachers have found Jolly Phonics to be more effective than previous methods. “In my 36 years of teaching, Jolly Phonics is the program that has had the MOST impact for students.” – Kelly Rich. 

Jennie’s workshops connect the Jolly Phonics program to the scientific research into how children learn to read and spell, and she provides lots of practical information about program implementation: “This training is the best professional development I have connected so much with in a long time. Throughout the training, I could picture which students would benefit from it and how I would use it effectively.” Shirley Dempsey.