Sangeeta Gopalani (Juhi)


Ms. Sangeeta is an educator by profession and is the founder of ‘The Phonetic World’. She has done her graduation in Pharmacy and post graduation in Psychology. She has also done a Diploma in Early Childhood Education.

She has been accredited as the Jolly Phonics Trainer in Nov 2019. She has conducted many online and offline workshops and trained more than 100 teachers till now.

She confidently claims that the Jolly phonics program works wonders with little ones as it empowers them with skills instead of the conventional way of rote learning. When a child is able to decode and encode the words through these skills, it gives them a sense of accomplishment which ultimately motivates them for reading and writing.

In her tenure of teaching Jolly phonics, she has seen amazing results in children. It is a boon for students who struggle due to learning disability or any other reasons.

Her goal is to be an instrument in spreading the reach of this program to maximum children and help them develop a love for reading and become efficient readers.

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