Leila Farokhbakht

Leila, based in Iran, has seen the amazing impact that Jolly Phonics has had on improving her students’s literacy skills. The level of joy, interest and motivation shown by her students has overwhelmed her. Leila genuinely wants to introduce Jolly Phonics to other teachers and make them aware of the amazing influence that the programme can bring to their teaching. She believes that every single child deserves to benefit from the best kind of teaching. Leila has completed research into the effect of using multi-sensory based phonics on young EFL learners’ English literacy and motivation. The results of this study showed that the experimental group (using Jolly Phonics) outperformed the control group (who didn’t use Jolly Phonics) on both the reading and spelling tests, as well as showing a higher motivation in early English reading skills. To sum up, children learn better through play and fun, carefully-developed games, materials and activities in using the Jolly Phonics programme.

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