Lin Yuan (Lydia)

Guangdong Province
Yuan is an experienced children’s English and Music teacher since 2004. She is a native Chinese and is commonly known as Lydia-her English name. She was introduced to Jolly Phonics in 2009 while working in an international school. She has since founded her own language school in the south of China and she has experienced amazing results in her students as well as the English teachers that she works with. Lydia is eager to help increase awareness of Phonics in China and help provide high quality English phonics teaching and learning for parents, teachers and students.

自2004年起,媛是一个资深的少儿英语和音乐老师。她是一个土生土长的中国人,他人称她为莉迪亚(Lydia),因此名为其英文名。2009年她在一所国际学校工作时,接触认识到了Jolly Phonics。此后,在中国的南部她成立了自己的语言学校,且在她的学生及与她一起工作的英语老师身上,看到了惊人的成绩。莉迪亚(Lydia)渴望帮助提高在中国,人们对英语自然拼读的认识,并协助提供高品质的英语自然拼读教学和学习给家长们,教师们和学生们。

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