Makiko Takahashi

Makiko has been teaching Jolly Phonics at elementary schools in Koganei, Tokyo, as a member of a volunteer group since 2015. She became a teacher at Jolly Phonics Eigo no Oto to Moji Gakushu Labo, a tutoring school in Koganei, Tokyo in 2016. She has been teaching Jolly Phonics to children at her private English school, Takahashi English since 2016.

The children became very confident and satisfied with their skills, decoding unknown words and sentences in English by learning the letter-sound correspondences taught in Jolly Phonics. She emphasises the importance of following the methods of the Jolly Phonics correctly to help children improve their reading and writing skills.

2015年から東京都小金井市の小学校で英語活動ボランティアに携わり、2016年から「Jolly Phonics 英語の音と文字の学習Labo」などでJolly Phonicsの指導講師をしております。Jolly Phonicsで音と文字の対応を学んだ子ども達は、自信を持ち、楽しみながら、自ら英語の言葉や文章を読み解くようになっていきます。Jolly Phonicsの手法を忠実に行うことの大切さを共有し、子ども達の英語の読み書きの力を向上させることに役立ちたいと思っております。指導は日本語で行います。

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