Aarti Gupta

Aarti holds an MBA in HR and Montessori training, a Certificate in Early Childhood Care and Education, and qualified CTET (Central Teachers’ Eligibility Test). She is currently running her own phonics club “LinGuaVOCE”, in the evening teaching purely through Jolly Phonics.

Aarti’s journey began 14 years ago as a pre-primary teacher. She remembers the days when she was concerned with how to make the younger students read at an early stage. After coming across Jolly Phonics, she quickly found this to be a wonderful methodology of teaching. By using Jolly Phonics, Aarti found that her students were able to decode unfamiliar words independently. Her students were eager to read more and more words as they began to enjoy reading. This was not expected at this age!

Being a multi-sensory programme, Jolly Phonics caters to the individual styles of learning which Aarti believes that engages the children in a productive way. She has found the synthetic approach of teaching with Jolly Phonics works because a strong foundation of literacy has been laid, and this can be done at a very early stage.

Aarti’s aim is to introduce every child to Jolly Phonics and this would not be possible without the support of parents and teachers and everyone who plays a role in the lives of young learners. Get in touch to find out more!

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