Prue Clarke

Sunshine Coast and Brisbane
Prue graduated from Central Queensland University, Australia, with Distinction and is currently studying a Masters in Educational Leadership, specialising in Leading and Learning. Prue has taught from pre-prep to year 7 within Australia, England and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Prue has been teaching with the Jolly Phonics programme since 2013 and across many year levels, with the majority of students being ESL/EFL learners. She has found the Jolly Phonics programme to offer daily opportunities for creativity in developing phonics understanding. Jolly Phonics allows room to incorporate fun activities whilst still allowing students to develop fine motor skills. In the early years setting especially, fun equals increased learning!

When comparing Jolly Phonics with other programmes taught in Australia and England, Prue has seen a significant increase in student progress and achievement in their knowledge of sounds, reading, spelling and sentence writing. She sees her students working collaboratively with each other, which is great for peer-tutoring to occur. Students are able to start ‘reading’ and spelling within a number of weeks and the interactive elements within the programme keep students motivated and enthusiastic about their learning. Motivation and enthusiasm can be the difference between adequate progress and advanced progress.

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