Ruchika Chalana

Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Ruchika is a Curriculum Instructional Leader in People United for Education and also a freelance consultant for education service providers, having completed an Early Childhood Care Education course from S.C.E.R.T. Delhi. She has been in the teaching sector for the past 16 years and 8 of those with Jolly Phonics. After introducing Jolly Phonics to her students, she saw a tremendous transformation in their reading and writing skills, helping them become more confident, fluent and expressive in English language.

Ruchika has also run many workshops and training for individuals, teachers, parents and schools to make them aware about the Jolly Phonics programme and always gets a positive response as they seek to implement it. Furthermore, their enactment and execution motivates her to her goal of teaching every child with this phenomenal programme.

Ruchika believes that it should be a right of every child on this earth to be taught through this programme to excel in their reading, writing, pronunciation and comprehensive skills.

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