Tatiana Iaconianni

Buenos Aires

Tatiana Iaconianni is a teacher of English who also holds a degree in Linguistics. She has more than ten years’ experience teaching English to young learners.

Tatiana first began working with Jolly Phonics in the year 2013 and was amazed to find out that there was an abysmal gap between groups that had been taught how to read and write with Jolly Phonics and the ones that had not. Since 2013, she has noticed that using Jolly Phonics has helped students read fluently, produce sounds more accurately and write more independently. She thinks Jolly Phonics provides children with a safe and fun learning environment.

She became an official Jolly Phonics trainer in the year 2007 and from then onwards she has trained teachers at different schools so that they could start implementing the Jolly Phonics programme to make a real difference.

(+54) 1133 086 644
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