Vaishali Patel

Founder of ‘The Phonics Nest’, Vaishali Patel has been teaching through Jolly Phonics and Grammar for several years. She holds a degree in Msc Organisational Behaviour form Birmingham, U.K. and has done a Diploma in Montessori training. She has taught in different schools for many years and aims to spread the ease that Jolly Phonics provides to the children, to put an end to the struggle that comes with rote learning. She has seen how the base of the children is strengthened with the fluency they acquire in reading and with the understanding of different spelling techniques. This made them independent readers before they stepped into their primary years. Making children fluent readers is easy, we just need one right approach! Therefore, nothing shouts louder than Jolly Phonics!

Vaishali’s vision is that each child should have a fun filled and interactive roller coaster ride to literacy. She is working on an initiative to start this programme in school meant for poor village girls who cannot afford education, so she can contribute her knowledge as much as she can to these vulnerable children. Vaishali is always available and looks forward to guiding and mentoring not only children, but anyone who is looking for a systematic and engaging approach to teaching.

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