Vrushali Jadhav

Kalyan, Mumbai
Vrushali’s journey with Jolly Phonics began as a mother seeking the best learning methodology for her child, which manifested in self-learning and exploration. In her quest for providing the best, she started to learn and understand the basic of phonics and how language works with young learners. She found the process to be a remarkable ‘unlearning’ experience. The pursuit of the best turned into an interest and culminated into a passion.

Whilst still discovering, Vrushali saw the plethora of possibilities to unlock by inspiring children to read and write. This inspired her to create a literacy hub, ThinkFun – an exclusive language development centre for children and teachers. ThinkFun has engaged with members of the public for 10 years, with Jolly Phonics and Grammar being the backbone of the language modules taught.

ThinkFun conducts regular Teacher Training programmes across various schools and envisions reaching the pockets in the country where phenomenally transforming programmes like Jolly Phonics are rare. Vrushali has has the privilege of working with many CBSE and International schools, helping fortify their learning strategies. The most rewarding has been her association with Trusts in the emerging and resource-hungry cities, empowering their teacher teams in building literacy enriched classrooms. ThinkFun’s language modules ensure that the learning graph with these groups is at par with that of teachers in the more developed metro cities. We also engage in curriculum planning consultancy services for Primary and Early Learning Years

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