Muskaan Nihalani

Ulhasnagar, Thane
Muskaan holds a degree in computer engineering and specialises in software skills. Even when she was pursuing her job as an engineer, she always made time to nurture her passion for teaching by training SSC and HSC students. Her first stint with Jolly Phonics was when my son was going through speech difficulties. Due to the astonishing results, she decided to start a dedicated centre in her town way back in 2010.

At present, she is running two centres by the name of Ace Kids, having successfully trained over 2000 kids and over 100 teachers. Her students have shown a considerable amount of improvement academically once equipped with the concepts of Jolly Phonics & Grammar. She also conducts workshops in various schools and institutes.

Because Muskaan believes in the goals of Jolly Phonics, she transmits the same dedication and commitment to training others, ensuring trainees are equally committed when they teach with a thorough knowledge of the Jolly Phonics programme, making optimum use of Jolly Phonics materials and leveraging the advantages.

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